Case Study

Bumble Bizz

First Movers: ATL

The Ask

Bumble Bizz wanted to leverage the power of their app to give voice to underrepresented and niche communities, focusing on the power of connection — not privilege. A first for the company, Bumble Bizz sought to create a space where Atlanta’s first movers could learn and connect during a day of thoughtful programming.

The Insights

The nation has seen an explosion of women-owned businesses, an increase of 467% in the last decade, with Georgia leading the charge, being the state with the fastest growth in women-owned firms. However, we found that women face three key challenges that stand in the way of their success: lack of funding, good mentorship & a strong support system.

The Solution

Early Spring crafted a summit that would host Atlanta’s best & brightest for a day of engaging programming, facilitating connections made & lessons learned that would not only uplift them but, ultimately, the community around them.

The Creative Platform

The audacious, creative and tenacious amongst us imagine a world of limitless possibility. Despite uncertainty & adversity, they lead the charge. The first to arrive and the last to leave; the first to get up, shake it off and get back in the saddle.

But blazing trails isn’t without its challenges. The spring of inspiration, confidence & progress isn’t always brimming over. For moments when the flow abates, the brightest must seek out sources of support, mentorship, and financing to nourish one another, maintaining the course.

Bumble Bizz & Early Spring join forces to empower Atlanta’s first movers to beat the odds, grow beyond expectations and pool their collective power to render one another undefeatable. When just one makes the first move, they’ll be serving with the power of 100. So make the first move, we dare you.


Driven by our insights, we crafted a summit that reinforced Atlanta’s entrepreneurial resolve. Though designing thoughtful programming was key to ensuring the summit’s success hinged on the quality of the attendees. To that end, we crafted a series of registration questions and helped vet each attendee to ensure everyone that was there wanted and needed to be.

As for graphic & environmental design, we aimed to create a sense of movement, connection & intimacy. Capped at 100 attendees, titans of Atlanta strode through colorful benches and bleachers and sat side-by-side with their captive audience. Workshops were tucked between talks to help guests integrate their learnings and share insights & questions freely.

The day culminated in two key outcomes: Bumble Bizz’s empowerment of the next generation of leaders, and a keynote delivered by the most famous first mover of all, Serena Williams, who inspired everyone to keep moving.

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