Case Study


Bumble Bazaar

The Ask

Wanting to leverage their unique position as NYC’s most trusted connector, Bumble asked Early Spring to transform their NY office into a platform for connection, creativity and community during New York Fashion Week. The event’s goal was to retain existing users, champion the brand’s core values, establish a cultural cachet & render the Hive a sought-after fashion destination in and of itself.

The Insights

The prohibitively high barriers to entry in fashion have spurred a concurrent explosion of digital-only brands & consumers’ increasing interest in smaller labels with compelling narratives. As consumers rely on influencers for stylistic choices, losing touch with brands & products themselves, we identified an opportunity to bridge the gap between following a trend & actually purchasing a product they’ve fallen for.

The Solution

Working hand in hand with two of fashion and beauty’s of-the-moment influencers, we designed, curated & built a bazaar where New Yorkers could meet the designers that occupy their obsessions & make their very own one-of-a-kind pieces to flaunt on the streets of NYC.

Through a robust social strategy, we expanded on Bumble’s initial ask & leveraged our curators’ committed following to echo the Bumble story & values, acquiring users otherwise far outside their network.

The Creative Platform

Fashion week is notoriously fueled by exclusivity. Only an exceptional breed of brands can afford to showcase their designs at Spring Studios to a handful of people privileged enough to gaze upon them. Scores of dedicated & deserving everyday sartorialists, yearning for a coveted invite, are left quite simply off the list.

Together harnessing a platform built on the values of connection, community and empowerment, Bumble and Early Spring will create a visually arresting & uplifting space that shines a spotlight on unsung tastemakers and their admirers, inviting exchange & learning, leaving exclusivity at the door.


In collaboration with Michelle Li, beauty & fashion editor at Teen Vogue, and beauty influencer Mi-Anne Chan, Early Spring spotlit 5 crowd-sourced, women-owned & operated brands at the Bumble Bazaar. In addition to designing & building each of the designers’ vignettes, we offered guests an opportunity to be shot by Dan McMahon.

We designed for every activation in the space to honor independent designers, their support systems & most importantly, Bumble users far and wide. Inviting self-made tastemakers Jessica Wu & Anna Waller Andreas to illuminate what it takes to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry, guests got to see a side of fashion week rarely glimpsed. We orchestrated workshops where diverse guests came to craft, create & connect together.

Our social strategy allowed us to reach 26,070 users, generating 7,600 impressions. While participating brands saw a 7-week spike in e-commerce sales over the weekend, Bumble was now officially a part of the NYFW conversation, with a 3-page spread in the week’s essential publication, Daily Front Row.

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