Case Study

Founders Give

Launching a Non-Profit for the 21st Century

The Ask

Within a week of NYC’s Shelter-In-Place order beginning, Cole Riley went from running a content studio for the city’s better-for-you brands — to rallying 32 of them to donate 7,500 products to the city’s hardest-hit hospitals. By Week 10, 305 brands donated 2.2 million products — that Founders Give delivered — to 100,000+ healthcare workers, becoming NYC’s largest food distribution & delivery network. Cole saw an opportunity to build on his momentum & to extend the Founders Give hand to more communities in times of need. He needed to articulate his vision clearly to potential corporate sponsors, donors & volunteers.

How We Did It

Early Spring took a deep dive into the non-profit world, leading to the revelation that it hasn’t evolved at nearly the same rate as the for-profit sector. Identifying an opportunity to address a need for a transparent and seamless process through which brands deliver necessities to those in need, mimicking the direct-to-consumer model, Early Spring rendered Founders Give a non-profit fit for 2020. Early Spring distilled four key pillars that would future-proof Founders Give’s deeper engagement: Streamlined accountability, captivating content & higher quality standards, articulating a whole new model for a non-profit we’re calling direct-to-need. We took an altruistic business pivot and helped transform it into a mission-driven, future-proofed philanthropy.

What We Did

Brand Strategy & Positioning


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