Case Study

Refinery29 + Disney

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Ask

In anticipation of the release of The Rise of Skywalker, the final installment of the Star Wars franchise, Refinery29’s experiential arm, 29Rooms, approached Early Spring to produce an experience that would drive viewership among both legacy super-fans & a newer & younger audience.

The Insights

Throughout history, stories have shaped and informed culture more pervasively than any other device. Across civilizations, one of its most gripping and inspiring archetypes is the hero’s journey - where the hero’s story is divided into three distinct movements - departing on an adventure, overcoming a decisive struggle and the return home, a changed person.

The Solution

As an homage, we invite guests to traverse their own adventure, at once introspective & shareable, aboard a rendering of the pop culture icon, the Millennium Falcon. Prompted to reflect on their own journey, their challenges & the hero they want to be, they ultimately leave 29Rooms empowered to use the Force within.

The Creative Platform

From Artemis to d’Artagan, Pocahontas to Pandora, Robin Hood — and of course, Rey — the protagonists of the stories endow us with a collective code of conduct. They demonstrate, through action — good versus evil and right versus wrong. They show us what is dark and inspire us to overcome it with light. 

Our greatest stories have been etched on the walls of caves, whispered around fires under the stars, and inscribed in the pages of epic novels. For the generation that gathers around the glow of a screen, Star Wars is the preeminent tale of our time. 

At 29Rooms, Early Spring invited audiences to experience Star Wars’ transcendental relevance across cultures, harnessing Rey to ultimately inspire and empower women to discover the Force within.


Coinciding with the premiere of the final installment of intergenerational epic space opera Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, Disney invited all those familiar with the franchise & cinematic thrill-seekers to discover their inner hero at Refinery29’s Expand Your Reality NYC Tour.

Through a three-step interactive pathway designed by Jeremy Correnti Wood, guests were prompted to reflect on their lives, their fears and their aspirations. Programmatic lighting and tessellated mirrors transformed each of the three shareable photo moments into extraordinary optical illusions where different facets of the hero’s journey were highlighted.

First, guests were invited to reflect & pay homage to all those that came before them, those that set their individual journeys in motion. Then, in a fractilized mirror, they glimpsed what infinite potential looked like in the face of fear & uncertainty. Finally, guests found themselves in the cockpit of the iconic Millennium Falcon, prompted to rise to the occasion & write the next epic of their generation.

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